8 Smart Ways to Grow A Massive Email List

Did you know email is the number one marketing tool to help grow your business? According to a recent survey, when a group of small-business owners were asked which marketing activities they found most effective, 83 percent put emailing marketing at the top of their lists. While social media continues to be the focal point Read more

5 Secrets To A Faster Website

Lets face it, having a prominent web presence is an absolute necessity in today’s music industry. You could be the next Prince, have smoother guitar riffs than Hendrix, or a voice that would put Aretha to shame and it still wouldn’t matter if your website isn’t on point. People have grown to expect a fast Read more

7 Things To Do Before Starting a PR Campaign!

So you have a band name, a handful of songs and a solid calendar of shows under your belt. Great! But that alone won’t sell your next album. What you need is a killer PR strategy that’s going to expand your fanbase and increase your online (and offline) presence. Before you run off to invest Read more

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Singles!

Have a new single dropping soon? In this age of “fast food” music culture, songs are released and forgotten in a matter of days. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. By using a little creativity, you can extend the life of your singles, not to mention give your fans more content to keep Read more

6 Surefire Tips for Music Success!

In order to be successful in today’s music industry, the ability to evolve and adapt is essential. Music is a business and should be treated as such. By incorporating innovative entrepreneurship and creativity into your musical journey, you can turn your passion into a long-term career. Your success will greatly be determined by the amount Read more

8 Simple Ways to Build the Perfect Music Brand

Branding is a hot button topic amongst artists and entrepreneurs alike these days. Whether it’s choosing your name, designing your signature logo or fine-tuning your personal image, branding can make or break an artist or company. At first glance, branding can seem confusing, but by using a few key steps it can become pretty simple. Read more

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