Roxy Cottontail

With her trademark unique flair and style, this fashion icon has travelled the world perfecting her signature Cottontail style. Beyond her life as a DJ, Roxy also moonlights as a performer in her own right, and has collaborated with such heavyweights as Afrojack, Armand Van Helden (Duck Sauce), Will.I.Am and Steve Aoki.

Walshy Fire

Front man for electro-dancehall super group Major Lazer and Grammy-Award winning DJ collective Black Chiney. Known as “Miami’s Prime Minister”, this ambassador of culture is known for his vast and eclectic knowledge of music from all over the world.

G. Brown

Known for his mind-blowing signature Big Room sets, this NYC Producer/DJ has also grown a global following with his original music, as well as for remixing the likes of Beyonce and Adele.

Soul Slinger

A pioneer in the world of Drum & Bass, and OG of US EDM scene, Soul Slinger has kept people moving for the better part of 3 decades. Known for launching the first official Electronic Music-related brand, Liquid Sky, his influence has crossed between the worlds of music, fashion, retail and events.

15 Dec 2014

Email Newsletters: Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

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There are no shortage of digital options available to promote your brand. At the end of the day, the key to attracting new fans, retaining older ones and converting these fans into paying customers is to keep hitting them with new, high quality content. This goes beyond simply releasing good music. One of the most valuable, yet often overlooked tools for interacting with your fans is the email newsletter. Newsletters are the best way to keep your fans updated, engaged and happy. Let’s not forget newsletters are also a major source for sales for many brands.


Here are 6 Reasons You Should Be Sending Email Newsletters…

13 Nov 2014

6 Easy Ways to Get on The Press’s Good Side

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Your relationship with the press can be one of your biggest assets, if done right. Learn these 6 easy tricks to get them on your good side!

Basic human communication and interaction is, by far, one of the main catalysts for success in anyones life, and it can make or break your career. If you are a newbie on the rise, it is vital that you play your cards right in order to make your mark on the industry. Understandably, if you are a self-starter and don’t have a budget to hire a publicist to do your bidding for you, you will have to be proactive and do it yourself.


Here Are 6 Easy Ways to Get On The Press’s Good Side…


07 Nov 2014

8 Tricks To Help Build Your Youtube Following!

youtube music marketing promotion pr keep bouncing bounce pr public relations edm dj producer band singer seo artist development

We have discussed developing your online presence a lot lately. What better way to do that than with YouTube? YouTube has long been a mecca for debuting new music, technology and a million other ideas. However, it’s also a platform for something even more important; giving your audience a birds-eye view into your life – your personality and the interesting candid, behind-the-scenes stuff. Having a strong YouTube presence is important, but with so many artists, how can you guarantee your viewers will stick around? As always, we have you covered have you covered.

Check out these 8 tips to help build your YouTube following and watch your subscribers pour in!

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30 Oct 2014

10 Top Twitter Mistakes to Avoid!

what not to do on twitter music marketing promotion social media tweet pr

10 Top Twitter Mistakes to Avoid!

Of all social media platforms, Twitter still remains one of the most popular platforms amongst people in their teens and twenties, which, if you are the typical artist or music-driven brand, is your ideal target audience.   Though it has been around for 8 years, many people still regularly make foolish mistakes that cost them valuable followers and engagement on Twitter. Here are the Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter…

22 Oct 2014

5 Tips For Blogging Like a Pro!

blogging - music marketing promotion bounce pr keep bouncing artist development seo blog writing dj artist band producer music business

Over the last few posts, we’ve covered the ABC’s of blogging.  By now, it is safe to assume you have chosen a blogging platform, come up with a captivating design and are ready to bless the internets with your sick blogging skills.  This time around, we are going to cover the top 5 things you will need to know to start blogging with the best of them…

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16 Oct 2014

Blogging 101: Get Your Blog On

Blogging 101 - music marketing promotion bounce pr keep bouncing artist development seo blog writing dj producer band artist music business

In our last post, we discussed why every artist and music brand should blog.  With all of the different social media platforms currently available, it may seem like blogging is a dying breed. One might ask “Why write a post about something when you can just upload a picture with a caption about it instead?” Interestingly enough, blogging has recently reached its peak in popularity.


Every day, tens of thousands of people sign up for Tumblr, a popular free blog service. But that is just ONE of the many free blogging sites a person can sign up for.


Whether or not you currently have a blog, this post will give you some insight on where to go to start a blog, and the pro’s and cons of using a free blog. These tips can apply to any genre of blogging whether it’s music, fashion, sports, etc.

09 Oct 2014

3 Reasons Why Every Artist and Music Brand Should Blog!

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With all of the online outlets currently available to promote your music, many people turn solely to social media, ignoring the pink elephant in the room, Blogging!  As artists, remember that your goal is not just to create music, but also to share your music with the world and stand out amongst everyone else vying for the same audience as you. We have given you tips on how to launch your music brand, get the attention of tastemakers and start your own music site. You have created an artist bio, taken press photos, put together a press kit and even networked a bit. You have set yourself up with a good foundation, but blogging is one way to take your marketing one step further.  Let us school you – here are 3 reasons artists should consider blogging to promote their brand…

17 Jul 2014

5 Keys to a Successful Music Website!


5 Keys to A Successful Music Website Marketing SEO Social Media PR Growth Hacking Keep Bouncing EDM Indie Rock Hip Hop

Having a website is crucial. In order to keep your audience interested, entertained and informed, a captivating website is essential. Websites that are unorganized or difficult to navigate can frustrate users and can often be worse than having no website at all. Users and fans are less likely to return to a website that has a sloppy layout and difficult functionality. Today’s society is all about simplicity and convenience, especially when it comes to all things online.

With all of the available tools and resources online, there is absolutely no reason to have a messy website. So where do you start? Find a web designer. Look at your inner circle. It is very likely that someone you know is knowledgeable in basic web design platforms such as WordPress (and if you are lucky, HTML5). Take advantage of your network, and if all else fails, check out the numerous instructional websites and tutorial videos on Youtube to create a mind blowing website!


Here are 5 keys to a successful website that will help convert visitors into fans, and hopefully, paying customers…

19 May 2014

Top 5 Ways to Attract Influencers!

The Top 5 Ways to Attract Influencers Keep Bouncing Music Marketing Branding PR Social Media Management Growth Hacking Indie Artists Startup



As an aspiring artist or brand, it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of competitors; all who seemingly make the same type of music/product and are trying to be noticed by the same audience as you. How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else?



08 Apr 2014

Being Resourceful: The Power of Your Network!

Keep Bouncing Being Resourceful Using the Power of Your Network

It is a common misconception amongst entrepreneurs and creative types alike that hard work alone equals success.  While I agree that you must put in a significant amount of time into mastering your craft (10,000 hours is the popular consensus), hard work alone will only get you so far.  Have you ever seen someone that you felt wasn’t all that talented, yet always seems to fall into amazing opportunities?  I am willing to put money up that those opportunities came through their personal network.  Rather than be envious of them, learn from their techniques.  Your success goes hand in hand with how resourceful you are.