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Email Newsletters: Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

There is no shortage of digital options available to promote your brand. At the end of the day, the key to attracting new fans, retaining older ones and converting these fans into paying customers is to keep hitting them with new, high quality content. This goes beyond simply releasing good music. One of the most Read more

6 Easy Ways to Get on The Press’s Good Side

Your relationship with the press can be one of your biggest assets, if done right. Learn these 6 easy tricks to get them on your good side! Basic human communication and interaction is, by far, one of the main catalysts for success in anyones life, and it can make or break your career. If you Read more

8 Tricks To Help Build Your Youtube Following!

We have discussed developing your online presence a lot lately. What better way to do that than with YouTube? YouTube has long been a mecca for debuting new music, technology and a million other ideas. However, it’s also a platform for something even more important; giving your audience a birds-eye view into your life – Read more

10 Top Twitter Mistakes to Avoid!

Of all social media platforms, Twitter still remains one of the most popular platforms amongst people in their teens and twenties, which, if you are the typical artist or music-driven brand, is your ideal target audience.   Though it has been around for 8 years, many people still regularly make foolish mistakes that cost them valuable Read more

5 Tips For Blogging Like a Pro!

Over the last few posts, we’ve covered the ABC’s of blogging.  By now, it is safe to assume you have chosen a blogging platform, come up with a captivating design and are ready to bless the internets with your sick blogging skills. This time around, we are going to cover the top 5 tips to Read more

Blogging 101: Get Your Blog On

In our last post, we discussed why every artist and music brand should blog.  With all of the different social media platforms currently available, it may seem like blogging is a dying breed. One might ask “Why write a post about something when you can just upload a picture with a caption about it instead?” Read more

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